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As proficient professionals in this field, we offer our clients unparalleled legal guidance in secured lending transactions, refinancing of pre-existing facilities, and project financing. Our expertise is bolstered by our extensive experience in advising clients across both domestic and international markets on the legal framework for investment.

At our firm, we pride ourselves on delivering holistic support to our clients, which is why our corporate team collaborates closely with our tax colleagues to provide comprehensive assistance on all aspects of corporate finance work. Our legal guidance spans across various areas such as investment structures, debt vs equity analysis, shareholder agreements, joint venture documentation, and third-party loan arrangements.

Our deep understanding of the intricacies of corporate finance and the regulatory landscape allows us to provide customized solutions that cater to our clients' specific needs. With our legal support, clients can be confident in their investment decisions, knowing they have a team of experienced professionals behind them, committed to helping them achieve their business objectives.

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